Cyclesmiths Inc. is a leading manufacturer of handlebars and accessories for both American and metric motorcycles. Signature products include Fat Bar Handlebars, Wing Levers, and Banana boards, finned air cleaner, finned horn, banana accessories, lollipop mirrors, chubby style handlebars, billet bag extensions, and mufflers

CycleSmiths Inc. was started in the early '90's by a group of God fearing family and friends, and it still operates the same way today, Jesus first.

All our products are designed and built in house here at our base of operation in Southern California. Notably we made the world's first FATBARS, 1-1/4" handlebars, back in the early 90's, and it forever changed the industry, and many including the Motor Company jumped on our bandwagon. With former Harley-Davidson designers on staff we have been pushing the design world in the motorcycle industry ever since CycleSmiths' start. You might have a CycleSmiths designed bike and don't even know it. We love to talk motorcycles, so if you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact us.